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No More Guessing

Complaint Specific H&P

Evidence-Based Asessment & Plans

Templated Procedure Notes

Always Know The Next Step

Guided 3D Animations

Procedural Walkthroughs

Expert Pearls and Pitfalls

Know Your Codes

Procedure Specific CPT Codes

Complaint Specific ICD Codes

RVU Transparency

Searchable CPT Database

Labeled Illustrations

Quickly Review Anatomy, Imaging, Classification Systems

Patient Education: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

No Second Trips

Materials for Common Procedures:

Aspirations & Blocks
Hand Procedures
Suture Selection

ER Providers Love MSK Curbsider

"The animations are the missing link in procedural education. This is 100% a game changer."

Sophia Y, Medical Student
"This platform is the most pragmatic and straightforward I've encountered. I've used it for 5 straight shifts and don't plan on stopping."

Peter G, ER Resident
"Brilliant guide for complicated topics. Very high-yield."

Jacob M, PA

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